A Letter from Our President

My name is Sydney Olney, and I am the President of the Zeta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at CWRU. This site gives a glimpse of the life of an Alpha Chi, and showcases the sisterhood that has impacted each and every one of our sisters. I personally count every member of AXO as a role model, and strive to be like them in one way or another. What being an Alpha Chi Omega means to me and so many others is to have a place where we can go to be 100% ourselves, knowing we are loved unconditionally.

The women of Alpha Chi Omega are hardworking, intelligent, passionate individuals who are committed to making the world a better place. I am constantly inspired by the ways they conduct themselves and show the world what it means to be real strong women. Each day I am reminded of how much I have grown through this chapter, and through the people I have met. I hope you can see how much our sisterhood and our chapter means to us on this site—enjoy!

Sydney Olney
Chapter President, Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, Zeta Upsilon Chapter

The Symphony of Alpha Chi Omega

To see beauty even in the common things of life,
to shed the light of love and friendship round me;

to keep my life in tune with the world that I shall make no discords in the harmony of life;

to strike on the lyre of the universe only the notes of happiness, of joy, of peace;

to appreciate every little service rendered; to see and appreciate all that is noble in another, be her badge what it may;

and to let my lyre send forth the chords of love, unselfishness, sincerity.

This is to be my symphony.

— Celia McClure Delta, Allegheny College

© 2020 Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Upsilon Chapter.

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